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Since 1984, metroConnections has provided complete conference, event, stage production and transportation services for meeting and event planners nationwide. The award-winning company operates from its headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and produces thousands of programs per year. The metroConnections team uses its expertise and resources to specialize in the design and implementation of themed events, stage productions, transportation, tours and conference program logistics and meetings. metroConnections also offers audio/visual and production services and is the creator of Attend-eSource®, a web-based solution that includes elements such as online registration and custom-built event websites. Contact us today to engage, inspire and move your group!

Globalocity 2016 Conference

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Globalocity 2016: A Captivating Collaboration

At Globalocity 2016, Digital River employees, industry thought leaders and vendor partners connected, collaborated and convened to prepare for the next wave of global commerce solutions.

For cutting edge conference and event solutions, email us at info@metroconnections.com
Here’s how our Production, Video and Event service centers helped keep 400 attendees engaged and on the cutting edge:

  • The General Session staging featured a large LED center screen with two flanking screens to showcase keynote speakers and content created by our Video team.
  • We utilized SEG light box technology to custom build an impressive entrance arch and Solutions Center backdrop.
  • For on-schedule sessions, we seamlessly managed 25 total breakouts with five rotations of five breakout rooms.
  • We leveraged our event expertise to create post-session atmospheres that encouraged attendees to mix, mingle and unwind.
  • For small group meetings within the large Networking Lounge, we built custom privacy walls and outfitted each room with furniture and a monitor.
  • We delivered full conference branding and decor, including meter-board directional signage, window clings, registration desk signage, foyer and evening event furniture, and charging stations.

High-Tech Knowledge Hub

metroConnections turned the Digitalocity 2016 Networking Lounge into a high-tech hub of knowledge sharing with 10 custom-built, double-sided kiosks featuring branded light boxes and built-in monitors.

For cutting-edge conference and event solutions, email us at info@metroconnections.com.

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