The Power of Mobile Apps

The Power of Mobile Apps Technology Solutions Manager Rachel Barrett explains how using a mobile app for your conference or event allows for a more accessible, superior, interactive experience. 360° Attendee Engagement Before the event, a mobile app allows attendees to access important details such as venue maps and area highlights, agendas, speaker bios and [...]

Mobile App Battle: What to Know

Mobile App Battle - What to Know Before Stepping into the Ring By Rachel Barrett, Technology Solutions Manager Gone are the days of printing out agendas to hand to attendees as they step through the door, hanging signs in the lobby of your venue directing attendees where to find various presentations (and hoping they see them), or [...]

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Conference Sessions & Business Leads

Attend-eTrack: Master your Conference Sessions and Business Leads By Jason Rudoy It’s almost 2015. Conference attendees expect a show stopping, technologically advanced experience. Gone are the days of fishbowls filled with business cards; gone are the days of pen and paper sign-up sheets. Undoubtedly, as things move forward on the meeting planning front – as [...]

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Attendee Tracking & Better Engagement

Attendee Tracking: Tools for Better Attendee Engagement Mining data is certainly the topic of conversation in business circles today. The push to measure Return on Investment (ROI) is requiring an earnest effort in truly understanding the patterns, decisions and habits of our customers. In the meeting and events industry, understanding data starts with using grassroots [...]

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Best Practices for Registration Websites

Setting Up for Success: Best Practices for Registration Websites In today’s web-based world, meeting attendees not only appreciate, but expect to have easy solutions for attending events. After all, many of us run our offices, finances and social lives from our phone – so the notion of filling out a registration form and submitting via [...]

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We Add Wow

Since 1984, metroConnections has provided complete conference, event, stage production and transportation services for meeting and event planners nationwide. The award-winning company operates from its headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and produces thousands of programs per year. The metroConnections team uses its expertise and resources to specialize in the design and implementation of themed events, stage productions, transportation, tours and conference program logistics and meetings. metroConnections also offers audio/visual and production services and is the creator of Attend-eSource®, a web-based solution that includes elements such as online registration and custom-built event websites. Contact us today to engage, inspire and move your group!
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