In.Sight User Conference EXPO 2017

Intelligence for Tomorrow In.Sight User Conference + EXPO 2017 In.Sight 2017 was a powerful collaboration between TMW Systems, PeopleNet and metroConnections. To visually elevate the conference theme of “Boosting your IQ,” metroConnections designed a stage set that represented a puzzle coming together to illustrate growth and problem solving. This strong design concept quite literally set [...]

Production Company Partnerships

How to Partner Productively With a Production Company Rachel Portela, Director of Production Services, shares her tips on maximizing a production services partnership. Q: How do production companies add value? A: Most meeting planners are not AV experts. A seasoned production company gets the best gear at the best price while also creating the most [...]

Content Management: Producer’s Guide

A Producer’s Guide to Content Management By Erika Koeberl, Producer, Production Services When it comes to planning a conference, one of the most important—and challenging—parts to organize is the general session. The main feature of any trade show or conference, a general session typically houses keynote speakers, educational information and new industry content, and it can definitely set [...]

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Producing an Awards Show – Part 2

How to Produce an Awards Show, Technically - Part 2 By Haley Wakefield, Producer, Production Services In Part 1, we covered venue logistics, managing technical aspects and using your creativity to impress awards show attendees. While those are crucial to the success of an event, they’re only part of the equation! Read on to learn how to master the flow [...]

Producing an Awards Show – Part 1

How to Produce an Awards Show, Technically - Part 1 By Haley Wakefield, Producer, Production Services It’s finally awards show night. Months of scheduling, arranging, planning and coordinating have come to fruition, and now it’s time to ensure the event is executed to perfection. Like the award nominees, an event planner hopes to wow with their hard work: a stunningly-decorated [...]

We Add Wow

Since 1984, metroConnections has provided complete conference, event, stage production and transportation services for meeting and event planners nationwide. The award-winning company operates from its headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and produces thousands of programs per year. The metroConnections team uses its expertise and resources to specialize in the design and implementation of themed events, stage productions, transportation, tours and conference program logistics and meetings. metroConnections also offers audio/visual and production services and is the creator of Attend-eSource®, a web-based solution that includes elements such as online registration and custom-built event websites. Contact us today to engage, inspire and move your group!
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