The Power of Mobile Apps

Technology Solutions Manager Rachel Barrett explains how using a mobile app for your conference or event allows for a more accessible, superior, interactive experience.

360° Attendee Engagement

Before the event, a mobile app allows attendees to access important details such as venue maps and area highlights, agendas, speaker bios and logistics such as parking. It’s like a personal info booth in their pockets.

During the event, a mobile app lets attendees actively participate by answering polling questions and posting comments and photos on the event’s activity feed. In-app attendee photos put a face to a name, assisting in onsite networking. A mobile app also eases connections through one-on-one meeting requests, attendee-to-attendee chat, conference messaging and more.

After the event, use the mobile app to offer post-event presentations and videos, send out updates and industry news, and conduct surveys.

A Planner’s Secret Weapon

Organizers can communicate with attendees in real time using alerts or push notifications. Attendees can provide instant feedback on experiences, such as room temperature, allowing planners to make changes on the fly. Post-conference analytics provide insights, such as the most popular sessions, to assist organizers in planning for the next event. And, by replacing printed programs, mobile apps offer a greener, more user-friendly solution, too.

Basics and Add-Ons

Basic apps should have the following information:

  1. Agenda/Schedule
  2. General information about the venue, dining, local area, parking, etc.
  3. Speakers
  4. Sponsors/Exhibitors
  5. Venue Map

Popular add-ons include:

  1. Interactive mapping
  2. Personalized agendas
  3. Gamification
  4. Event-private blog/activity feed

By boosting attendee interaction, increasing the organizer’s effectiveness and building powerful ongoing relationships, mobile apps present a big ROI. Leverage this powerful tool for your next event.

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