LISTS: Six Tips for a Good Partnership Fit

While experience and a good reputation are essential, compatibility is also a key to successful business partnerships. Consider these characteristics to determine the best fit:

  1. A similar work style: Your partners become extensions of your staff. Choose them as carefully as new hires.
  2. Accessibility: You’ll want a partner that is responsive, easy to contact and keeps you in the loop throughout the process.
  3. Company culture: For the smoothest interactions, choose an organization aligned with your company’s personality and management style.
  4. Transparency: Find a partner who is up front about their fees, billing model and process.
  5. Stability: Be sure to ask about the organization’s staffing model. You want to find a partner that has the complete package internally.
  6. Budget-friendly: The meeting industry includes many partners at different price points. Select one that fully respects any budget constraints you may have.