Incentive Travel: What The Pros Know

Amy McCollum, Senior Program Manager

Memorable incentive trips motivate top performance by rewarding attendees with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Senior program manager, Amy McCollum shares ideas for “wowing” travel winners.

Upgrade everything – High achievers deserve first-class treatment. Choose upscale accommodations, high-end food and beverage selections, elegant decor and special gifts. A celebratory theme elevates communications, too.

Less purpose, more pleasure – Unlike business meetings, incentive trips lean more toward attendee-focused recreation and entertainment. Networking events, hands-on experiences and give-back activities are great, and don’t forget blocks of free time – they’ve earned it.

Cater to desires – Globe-trotting thrill seekers love international sites and physical adventures while low-key crowds want carefree ways to unwind and recharge. Find out what attendees value and plan accordingly.

Fresh destinations – Many attendees may be well traveled. Rock their travel world by staying up-to-date on destination trends such as new resorts, green travel programs and exotic locations.

Smoother logistics – To eliminate issues, research flight times, customs restrictions, travel alerts and other logistical elements during your planning phase.