We love what we do and we hope that dedication is obvious after reviewing this collection of client success stories. You’ll find plenty of examples of our fresh thinking, our attention to detail, our brand and technical expertise, and our passion for excellence. If you like what you see, let’s connect.


Production Management

Engage your audience with some of the biggest names in entertainment! You want to educate and inform your audience, but don’t forget to entertain and inspire them as well! Whether you need a motivational speaker, [...]


Stage Design

Put your brand and key messages center stage! You dream it – we build it! Our talented designers and builders look at a stage and see a blank canvas just waiting for their artistic touch! [...]


Content Development

Interactive polls, feedback forms and more, all at your attendees’ fingertips. Seeing your attendees glued to their phones at your meeting or event used to be a disappointing sight – now, it can serve as [...]


Talent Management

Contracts, rehearsals and requirements – let metro handle the details of talent management. You want to land a big name speaker for your event – now what? Next comes the contract negotiations, scheduling, rehearsals and [...]



Get your message across crystal-clear with our team of audio-visual experts. We know how overwhelming it can be to juggle sound systems, lighting and digital content without tripping over all the wires, so let our [...]


Video Services

Connect with your audience at a new level with custom videos! Video is one of the fastest-growing ways to connect to an audience, and our video editing engineers can help you make your content shine. [...]